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Version 1.0.6
Kurt Granroth <granroth@kde.org>

What Is KAppTemplate?

KAppTemplate is a set of modular shell scripts that will create a framework for any number of KDE application types. At it's base level, it handles creation of things like the automake/autoconf framework, lsm files, RPM spec files, and po files. Then, there are individual modules that allow you to create a skeleton KDE application, a KPart application, a KPart plugin, or even convert existing source code to the KDE framework.

KAppTemplate is continuously updated to ensure that the latest "recommended" way of doing things is followed. This guarantees that you will always be doing the "right thing" by using KAppTemplate.

Currently, there are four KAppTemplate modules:

  • Full Featured: This creates a very full-featured "normal" KDE application with a sample DCOP interface (using KIDL), dynamically loaded KPart component, command line options, XML-GUI menu, and lots more
  • KPart Application: This creates a KDE application based on the KPart component architecture. It includes both a Shell and a (read-write) Part
  • KPart Plugin: This creates a KPart plugin capable of acting on the KHTML component
  • Existing Source: This will copy over existing source code into the standard KDE automake/autoconf framework

What Does It Look Like?

As KAppTemplate is a set of shell scripts, it doesn't have a GUI -- hence, no fancy screenshots. But.. here are two (quite old) screenshots anyway.
Sample session creating an application The Generated Application
Sample Session Generated Application

How Do I Get It?

The latest version of KAppTemplate should be found on this site (see below).. but it is always guaranteed to be in the kdesdk module in the KDE CVS. See this page for information on getting it using anonymous CVS.

For historical (and nostalgic) sake, I have kept the KAppTemplate version for KDE 1.1 up on this site. It isn't recommended that you actually use it, however, as it is no longer supported or updated.

(~192k) LSM ChangeLog
This is the continuously updated KAppTemplate for KDE 2.x development.
(~88k) LSM ChangeLog
This is the final KAppTemplate for the old KDE 1.x series. It will no longer be updated or supported.